Red Huber -Tiffany Castro

“Be a leader in your profession.”

“Be engaged.”

“Tell that story. Earn some trust. Go into it.”

“Photography is the art of light.”

“Its knowing what to do with being at the right place at the right time.”

Red Huber is a fireball of sweetness and passion. Among these quotes, I have a page more of notes from the two hours he came to speak. It was an honor to get to hear from someone who had been in journalism the last forty years.

I left the room last week completely encouraged to keep trying and keep writing and keep learning about journalism and photography. When I had come into the class, I hadn’t thought I would become so passionate about it all.

Red Huber could speak for hours about the things that he has seen, everything he has experienced and all the things he has learned through it all. He was just as honored to be here as we were to have him which was just a testament to his humility on and off the job.

I hope that in forty years I can look back and still be as on fire for what I do as he is.


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