What I Learned From This Issue – Tiffany Castro

“Its impossible to be a republican journalist.”

Now, I’m not a republican, but writing this article, and being somewhat religious, halfway through I wanted to quit it completely. I hadn’t interviewed anyone who was for conversion therapy at this point, and the article felt bias to me. I couldn’t bring myself to write an article attacking the church when I am a part of it.

I chose to finish the article after deciding that as a journalist, I am not telling what I think is right or wrong, I’m simply telling the truth. It’s not my truth, but its the truth for who I am writing about.

I ended up calling some pastors in the area and wound up on the phone with the Director for the PenFlorida District of the Assemblies of God, which is pretty much the head honcho for all of the youth groups in one of the largest Christian movements in the country.

I told their truth. Not my own, and I think I ended up with an article that really didn’t swing in any particular direction, which, to me, is good journalism.

I learned that sometimes I’m not going to agree with what I’m writing, but I have a responsibility to keep myself out of it. It was a cool experience to get to really see what various people thought and get to piece it together in an article like this.


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