What I learned: FINAL ISSUE – by Alex Sylvia

It’s hard not to be cliché and say that this semester has gone by super fast, but it has. It’s also hard to believe that we only wrote only four articles during this time. At the same time I realize everything I learned took weeks of trial and error to get down, yet I know there is room for lots of improvement. This last issue turned out to be the easiest for me because I felt like I had the majority of basic reporting and editing skills learned fairly well. In fact, the most difficult part of this article was a source who mumbled through the interview, making it difficult to discern what he was saying. Thankfully, my other two interviews went smooth, and my expert source was more than happy to talk with me. The only thing I wasn’t truly happy with was the topic I covered; the collegiate high school program in Central Florida. While it’s an opportunity I wish I had in high school, I am not particularly interested in writing about these topics. I wanted to write a piece that was more “local” this time, something happening right in our backyard. This approach still fascinates me, but I could tailor it to encompass my own interests in the future. I had a great semester and I learned a LOT about one of my prospective professions.


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