What I learned By Ian Finnerty

Well here I am, most likely my last issue with The Seminole Scribe. With the best teacher I could ask for Ms. Jenn Sheppard, leaving us to pursuit better things, this semester comes to a sad close. After writing all these stories and talking to such incredible and insightful people, I have definitely grown as a person.

This issue taught me how much easier things can be when you don’t wait for the last minute. Getting started right away on talking to actors from the play “A Streetcar Named Desire” and to get them to critique themselves and not feed BS to a reporter. Overall this was a pretty successful and easy flowing issue and a fun filled semester.

This entire semester has taught me a lot about more than just journalism, it has showed me how to write in AP style, how to talk to someone and push the conversation and get their actual opinion, I learned how to take better pictures and get different view points. I’m inspired to go and try to pull out the truth from everyone and capture everything that’s right in front of me even if I come into a few obstacles.

Thank you Ms. Sheppard for everything you have shown me I did not think I would be this driven to be all that I can be without someone like you to help me see things differently.

-Ian Finnerty


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