Inspiration from Red Huber — By Ian Finnerty

Today a professional photojournalist was in our classroom as a guest speaker. Red Huber from the Orlando Sentinel came to tell us about what being a photojournalist consists of. With plenty of wonderful stories and gorgeous photos our class was in awe.

With incredible photos of shuttle launches riots, and nature, Red Huber inspired me to take more risks while photographing object, people, or even just landscapes. He showed us all how a little preparation and opportunity can come together to capture some heavy hitting images that would make a grown man cry.

Even the stories Mr. Huber told us either made the whole class feel like happiness and rainbows, or like a rock hit the bottom of our hearts. The one thing he can do while telling a story is not to just tell you what happened, he paints the picture for you and shows you what he experienced.

With this speech, I want to try harder to get better photographs and be better prepared when that prime opportunity comes knocking.

Thank You so much Red Huber for the inspirational words and amazing stories that may help drive me to find a new hobby, or even a new career.

-Ian Finnerty


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