Guest Speaker Red Huber – Elliot Lee

Today we had guest speaker, Red Huber, a staff photographer with the Orlando sentinel come in an talk to us about photojournalism and some of his experience on the job.

He showed the class a video that showcased a lot of his work, it was amazing to see the images that he was able to capture. There were picture of the Space Shuttle launch, the Miami Riots, as well as his coverage of the 9/11 attacks in New York.

He showed us some of the technology that he uses when on the job, such as the decibel remote he used when capturing his images of the space shuttle launch. he also showed us his use of mail boxes to house camera that he would have to set up days in advance.

It was very interesting to have him speaking in class, especially as someone who loves photography. o personally enjoyed having him in class to discuss photojournalism.

“all of this new technology is just a tool that you can use’

He spoke to us about how journalism as a whole is changing due to the increasing prominence in technology and social media. He mentioned how some people thought that photojournalism was at an end because of the advances in cellphone cameras, however photojournalism is just as important, if not more important than it ever was before.


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