This Issue(third issue) I Learned: Kimberly Burns

I know now that being a journalist isn’t easy. Journalist have a lot of responsibility and it is honestly like a 23 hour a day job, it never ends lol. This issue I had dreams about Ms. Sheppard coming in my room with a humongous red pin and writing all over the white walls in my bedroom lol. I am serious, this issue was a bit stressful but on a positive note, I made it through it and produced a nice story. At least I think so, I have not received my grade yet lol. I am still just as passionate about journalism as I was when I first walked into this classroom and the hardships I may face as a journalist don’t scare me. In fact, it makes the job worth wild. My days are never boring and my classmates and I have the best conversations ever. I love coming to class and seeing my Instructor dressed in her awesome pant suits and my fabulous classmates whom always have something interesting to talk about. This issue I learned that anything is possible if you are driven and focused on what is important and right now, getting the story right and getting it published is what’s important. I am looking forward to the last issue of the semester but it is bitter sweet. I just love being apart of the SeminoleScribe!



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