What I learned #3 – Alex Sylvia

While working through my third article my main challenge was to stay unbiased. As an avid health maniac and frugal gym goer, I wanted to shed some light on the bottomless pit of Advocare. My first draft was riddled with opinions and editorializing and it proved slightly difficult to make the article impartial and fact based. After my first draft, I was able to go back and rewrite most of it to educate and not throw my opinion onto the reader. My first interview was with an Advocare distributor, and while I got good information from her I almost felt bed knowing that I was going to be putting the company she had invested so much in into a negative light. My only other challenge was the securing of sources when crazy things happen. One of my potential interviews was delayed when the source had to undergo an emergency appendectomy. On top of that my nutrition professor from last semester has proved to be extremely evasive as she was late in getting back to me on my first article, and now has not responded at all for my Advocare article. Next time I am just going to fan out my requests for interviews and attempt to contact multiple people for the same perspective, that way if one or two of them don’t respond, there is a back up plan.


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