Winter Park Art Festival- Keyla Exclusa

Upon arrival, around 3:45 the mood at the Winter Park Art Festival was similar to that of a huge gallery; Quiet, mellow, sophisticated but minus any air conditioning. The 91 degree weather reminded attendees it was most definitely an outdoor festival. Tents were scattered in an organized maze along Park Avenue. For the first day of the festival, the sunrail was not as packed as expected by riders, possibly because of the free sunrail rides on the following days or possibly because many were still at work. Festival activities went on as usual with street food lined along the brick roads, live performers, and a myriad of artists’ tents to gaze at and admire. By 5:30 the crowds remained about the same, not too packed nor too empty but with the heat, most attendees seemed to have had enough and began heading home. Overall the art was as expected, diverse and creative, something for any art lover to enjoy. The Lake Eola Festival, another local art festival which is right around the corner, definitely has a much more fun ambiance than the Winter Park Art Festival. Partly due to the crowd, the Lake Eola festival is much larger and attracts much more families who thus bring their children and add vibrance to the festival. Winter Park was enjoyable though nonetheless.


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