Arts, Humanities & Communication Career Panel- Lauren Seay


The career development center at Seminole State College put together a panel of 5 very interesting, informative and motivating professionals. The panel consisted of Donna Bundy, Sebastian Sanchez, Randall Smith, Dan Conner and James Greene, Jr.WP_20150305_002 1

Each told their story of success and agreed passionately that it is important to love what you do.

Donna Bundy, Executive Director of the Seminole Arts Council, began the discussion sharing her experiences of 35 years in the business industry and how she got offered “the job of a lifetime.”

“You never know where an event can take you and how it will assist you in your career,” Bundy said.

Sebastian Sanchez, Project Specialist with the Hispanic Caucus Institute, is young and inspiring. He was the first in his family to graduate college. He shared a lot of great advice but the one that really stuck out the most to me was how he began his discussion on the panel.

“One of the first things I’d like to stress, actually really nail in, is the meaning of getting a mentor,” Sanchez said.

Dan Conner, Creative Service Director at CBS Radio, shared how his passion as a child of wanting to be on the radio actually led him to his true passion which is what he is doing now. The advice he gave that was so instrumental was the importance of bringing new ideas to the table and selling them.

“What we need is innovators,” Conner said.

Randall Smith, a self made artist, stressed how important it is to not only sell the art but to sell yourself as well.

“Once I stopped fighting what everyone else said I should do and went after what I’m passionate about, now I’ve really reached that point of success,” Smith said.

James Greene, Jr., a freelance writer, shared the importance of integrity along with great advice on using LinkedIn to track down sources for articles.

“Some of your greatest successes can come later than you expect,” Greene said.

The discussion was only an hour and in that hour these 5 professionals were amazing. The advice and knowledge they shared were greatly appreciated.


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