Arts, Humanities, & Communication Career Panel- Alex Sylvia

Today, I had the pleasure of attending a career panel hosted by Seminole State College. The event was centered around five speakers who shared their life experience and their journey that led them to the success they find today. The panel consisted of Donna Bundy, who serves on the boards of directors of the Central Florida Society for Historic Preservation, James Greene Jr., a freelance writer, Sebastian Sanchez, a Project Specialist, Randall Smith, a pop artist, and Dan Conners, a production director at Mix 105.1 radio station. Of all the speakers at the panel, I found Sebastian’s story to be the most inspiring. Sebastian has been involved in non-profit and government sectors which started after his internship in Washington, D.C. Soon after, he took part in an internship in South America, specifically Cuzco, Peru. At such a young age, Sebastian had me in awe at his professionalism and his aspirations for himself. I found his simple advice of finding a mentor who can not only guide you, but inspire you, to be extremely insightful. On the journalism side, James mirrors my attitude towards writing. I don’t want there to be a specific format or rules to follow. I have ideas and words I want to share, full of emotion and sometimes laden with adjectives. James gave me a reality check when he said, “Some of your greatest experience can come much later on.” For someone who relies on instant gratification, this took hold in me. Maybe everything great for me is right around the corner, maybe it’s fifty years down the line Dan mentioned that waiting for the right opportunity isn’t enough. He said, “Get in the door doing SOMETHING.” This stuck out because its easy to mope around thinking your opportunity will never come but it may just be behind a door that you don’t think to open at first.

This panel was far more helpful than I anticipated, and I’m thankful that I was required to attend it. Just like Dan said about the door, I may not have thought a career panel would be helpful, but going through it opened my eyes on how to get from point A to point B.


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