Career Panel by Ian Finnerty

At the Partnership building we went to the Arts, Humanities, and Communication Career Panel. With five panelists from communications and business backgrounds, us students were already excited to hear what would be said. As the Scribe reporters filled up half of the back row with our recording devices at the ready, the introductions began. Dan Connors, Donna Bundy, Sebastian Sanchez, Randall  Smith and James Greene Jr. were the panelists.

“if the opportunity doesn’t feel right to you, don’t be afraid to say no thanks ill wait for the next one.” James Greene Jr.

If that doesn’t calm you down i don’t know what will. With someone older saying that to us about opportunities in the future, it helps me to calm down  and not worry as much about how scattered my future can be and that opportunities come all the time.

Another point that made me feel like sunshine and happiness was when Sebastian Sanchez started talking about how to treat others, “Be great to others regardless of how they treat you… Be great at everything you do.” Sanchez said. Which was something my father instilled in me as a youngster that i have always tried to carry into everything i do, and if that has taken Mr. Sanchez as far as he has been, i feel much more hopeful than i did before this discussion.


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