What this issue taught me – Ian Finnerty

From covering the baseball game for this issue i learned a valuable lesson for stories, if they don’t work out how you would like, drop it. After i realized the story i was working on wasn’t going anywhere i panicked and was worried about not getting anything in, but when i talked to Mrs. sheppard and the editor about what i can do, they told me i could cover the baseball game the next day and i was a little nervous because it was the first time i would be covering anything. After the game got underway and i jotted some notes down and started taking pictures i realized how easy covering something as slow moving as baseball is. No rush, not much sudden unanticipated action, and plenty of opportunities to take great pictures. The only down side of the event was how cold it was, which was fixed with a jacket. The parents were friendly and aproachable even while their son was in play, and always had great things to say about the team, unlike the coach and players who felt quite bad about their performance. After going through all this and getting my feet wet with event coverage, i feel like going out and enjoying events while taking pictures, it also forces me to be more social and interactive with people there too.


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