What I Learned v2 – Alex Sylvia

I wouldn’t say that I’ve been around the block, but having an article under my belt calmed my nerves when going into my second story. This time around interviews felt more natural. When I conducted my first ever interview for my “vaping” article, the conversation felt too structured. I had initially made a list of five or so questions that I wanted to ask, but when actually asking them I felt like some were out of place and did not help the interview flow, per se. This time I did not make a list of questions but instead made a list of 3 main ideas that I would guide the conversation into covering. This led to a MUCH more relaxed interview for both the person being questioned and myself. I got better quotes this way as well, which I’m assuming is because the lack of rigidness made for a more candid interview. The thing that changed and improved the most for me was the overall length of my first draft. My first attempt at an article was over double the word limit, but this time (knowing how to be conservative with allocated space) my first draft covered all my points while still remaining within the word limit. I’m really excited and confident to start my next article. Instead of covering soft news like my first two, I want to switch it up and cover something much more serious.


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