Altamonte Campus to Expand – Tiffany Castro

The Altamonte campus of Seminole State is about to grow much larger than its current one-building site.

Seminole State has recently purchased relatively large plots of land adjacent to the main building in Altamonte which could mean the possible out growing of the Sanford Lake Mary campus.

Despite its current convenience, Seminole State student Grace Gore welcomes the change. “It would be nice. I wouldn’t have to park in the grass anymore.”

Another Altamonte campus student Jasier Hernandez is also looking forward to “more parking.”

Multiple buildings being added to the campus could mean more opportunities to take better classes for those living in the area. “I think its supposed to actually be bigger than the one in Sanford,” student Kettley Valcourt said, “I actually prefer the smaller building. Everything is in one place.”


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