Altamonte’s Expansion- Keyla Exclusa

When asking the Seminole State students at the Altamonte campus about their opinions on the expansion for more buildings, they seemed to answer our questions, with more questions. “Are they going to build a bigger parking lot?” said student Ivangellys Gonzalez.

Suggestions also followed much of the questions that students had. “They should move the nursing program to one building to keep it more organized,” continued Ivangellys Gonzalez.

Many students thought it would benefit them greatly to expand the campus and offer classes in their Altamonte campus to refrain from having to travel to the Sandford campus.

“Expanding the campus will make it feel more like a real college,” said Anderson Bryant. “People think the Altamonte campus is lame since it’s only one building.”

Other Seminole State students at the Altamonte campus were indifferent towards the 8 building expansion.

“It doesn’t make a difference for me,” said Jeremy Santiago. “I do think it’s good idea though.”

With the land from the former Audi dealership already bought by the school, expansion is for certain. Students opinions though vary and it seems the school should take into account how their students feel and maybe take some suggestions from the people this expansion will effect the most.


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