Expansion on Altamonte Campus — Ian FInnerty

Now that Seminole State College has decided to expand their Altamonte Springs campus from one building to eight buildings, it was time to see what the students thought about the plans for the bigger campus. Jenna was sitting outside Natures Table with her friends at the Altamonte campus when i asked her her opinion on the expansion. After having the president of Seminole State College come and talk to her class earlier that morning, she was the most knowledgeable out of her friends and had the most to say,

“I hope they will have more parking so i don’t have to come hours before my class to get a good spot.”

Classes at the Altamonte campus was another issue that came up with Deja and Graite, both of them would like to see more classes available in their area so they can take more diverse classes,

“I would like to see them bring the theater department over to the Altamonte campus.” said Graite

One of Jenna’a friends Francky said he would like to see more lounge areas

“like the ones they have in Sanford, with more of a student center and not just a small cafe.”

Overall, all of the students i talked to didn’t seem to know that the campus would be expanding and wanted the project to start so they can experience the expanded campus before they graduate.


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