Altamonte Springs campus expansion projects – Elliot Lee

There is a plan to expand the Seminoles State Altamonte Campus to about about 1.4 million square feet, more than all the current campuses combines according to Seminole State’s website. The current campus is a single four story building and the plan is to expand it to eight buildings.

A fellow reporter and I asked a few students around campus about the expansion plans, and what they would like to see most come out of the expansion. The extra space will allow a much larger variety of classes to be offered. A student there, Graite said she “I would like to see them bring the theater department over to the Altamonte campus”. Students said they wanted things like an actual recreation area or a courtyard, somewhere for students to hangout. But one of the most reoccurring things that people wanted to see done was more parking.

Luckily for students the college has stated on its website that it will be significantly increasing the amount of outside parking including the construction of two parking garages, by the end of it there will be ample parking spaces for about 5700 cars. Also the south parking garage is set to have a sky park on the roof as a recreational area for students. Other improvements include the construction of 15 story buildings along Maitland boulevard.


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