What I Learned This Issue – Tiffany Castro

When I learned of all the differences between journalistic writing and any other kind of writing I was ever taught ever, I became pretty terrified. I was afraid I would be defensive about my work and become frustrated about all the small details that had to be altered. When it came down to researching, interviewing and writing the article, I assumed it would be much more difficult.

I learned in this issue of The Scribe is that I can do it. Because it was a smaller piece, it was not as difficult as I originally anticipated it to be. Getting rid of many of the writing rules that had been drilled into my mind was unexpectedly liberating and getting interviews, doing research, and finding a story was fun.

I also learned that large corporations are not inclined to give comments on topics that could directly affect them in any way at all that is not immediately positive. Go figure.  In the future I will contact more than one expert, since I was denied an interview at the last minute.

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