What I Learned by Ian Finnerty

From writing my first story I’ve learned a lot. Trying to fit all the information i have in as little as possible is a challenge that is completely different from what i have been taught in previous school years. Re-doing papers to elaborate on the few pages i have and turning each sentence into two or three, now taking as much info as i could gather and squeezing it into as little words as possible to get only the relevant information across. I’ve realized that any information that i cant give a source for is irrelevant and not needed, even common knowledge is out. However, journalism is quite enjoyable getting to rely on just the facts and letting them talk for themselves and letting the reader interpret the info as they wish. Other valuable lessons I’m learning is that procrastination is never an option. in high school procrastination was normal and just stressed out students, in this field it means not having a complete story to publish or not getting one published. All in all this first story has been eye opening on how much i need to get my work on track and be more caught up on due dates.


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