What I Learned – Alex Sylvia

My original article had to be scrapped, my second article had to be chopped in half and I had to reword the same ideas countless times. This first issue really showed me how much I need to improve the way I project and format what I want to say. Putting things in layman terms (I’d even argue that that phrase is becoming more archaic by the day) is not something that I particularly enjoy or even think to do right off the bat. The majority of the time I spent editing was focused on finding the perfect way to say what 50 words said perfectly for an audience that had a 15 word attention span. While I always thought that I knew how to write, the first article was a rude awakening to an exact opposite style of writing that I’m not used to. Details and long descriptions used to be good. Really good. Stretching an essay to have 100 more words was a piece of cake, but shrinking it to have the same vivid appeal and colorful description whilst keeping even the most illiterate person attached was a challenge. I’m hoping that with this next story I can use what I learned to not do so many drafts and focus on getting more proficient with InDesign.


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