What I learned Kimberly Burns

I thought I was a good writer but now I am not quite sure lol. I had a huge problem with shortening my article. I also kept starting each sentence with “she said” and Ms. Sheppard wasn’t having that lol. Ms. Sheppard helped me tremendously! She cut my article up with her red ink samurai sword. I was happy that she did because I am pleased with the final draft. Working with Indesign was fun but challenging for me because I haven’t worked with it before and I am not even familiar with Photoshop. I had the hardest time finding the columns button which I needed to find quickly if I wanted my article to look half way descent. Once things started to come together it was a breeze. My classmates were so supportive and if something I did sucked, they would let me down softly. To be honest I was really nervous when Ms. Sheppard was working with me one on one lol. She is so sharp and on point with everything, she doesn’t miss a beat. I was typing slow and she was typing fast as hell lmbo. She was pressing all these shortcut keys and in my eyes she was a miracle worker. I am more relaxed now because she made me feel like I wasn’t the worst student that she has worked with lol. I really learned to trust myself and just relax when she is sitting next to me with her red ink samurai sword lol.  I am looking forward to our next deadline!


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