Battle of the news sources — Ian Finnerty

After looking at one local news story from a few different news mediums, one can see the different styles and characteristics of the news source. The story i looked into was the gang rape of a local high school student by fellow classmates and how the 18 year old involved in the case had his charges dropped, gruesome yes but still interesting to see the reporting styles. The news sources that i have looked at are Wesh 2 news,(local tv station), WDBO-FM 96.5 (radio station), and Orlando Sentinel (newspaper). All of these sources have their differences and similarities but some of the information on the story is different depending on which source you get the story from.

First off all of them do a great job as not to not being racist, none of them describe the boys as the media usually would young african american teens, kudos. The high school students are portrayed as teens, juveniles, or students.

Now to the story, from all the different sources, the story varies so i will do my best to relay it generally. A 16 year old high school student was raped by six classmates, one being 18, two being 17, and according to the radio, two are 16, and one is 14, however the Orlando Sentinel says four are 17 and one is 16. The radio news story is the only one that tells the report from the girl, saying she was raped by three classmates on the way to a local McDonalds, and again by two classmates as she attempted to walk back. The girl did record the incident on her phone (or ipod according to OS), and the 18 year old suspect did not apear in any of the video nor was his DNA found, due to these facts the charges against him have been dropped.

The Tv stations website put up the video of the breaking news story which was just under three minutes long, they also had a small description and overview of the updates on the case, the radio station and newspaper did not have such small stories. the radio station  has a mid length story with qoutes from the defense attorneys and police chief, also included are pictures of all six suspects. Orlando Sentinel reporter Renee Stutzman has a video of the defense attorney making some statements as well as a longer story with much more detail on the case and what has and will happen with the 18 year old and the juveniles.


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