Media Convergence – Tiffany Castro

In searching through various media sources, I found that there are many differences in the way information is provided.  A headline discussing the recent video ISIL has directed at Japan through NPR, CNN and the NYTimes all offered the same information, in different ways.

NPR, being my radio source, gave the most concise version of the breaking news. It solely gave a detailed description of the video and some information with quotes offering ideas of what the nation of Japan will do.

The New York times, however, gave the most lengthy description of the event. This source spoke of the video, Japan’s recent campaign to support allies against ISIL and quotes from some of Japan’s leaders that gave an idea of what the nation will do. It also gave an analysis of the possible reasons for ISIL’s change in video pattern making them the most political.

CNN, finally, was in the middle in regards to length, providing the video and giving a more emotional account of the events focusing more on the people who may be beheaded than politics.


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