Kimberly Shantel Burns

I am a student at Seminole State College and I love being a student at Seminole State College. My current age is 27 and I live in Deland, FL with my boyfriend of four years. I do not have any kids but I would love to adopt someday. Writing is my passion and so are people, which is why I want to be a Journalist. I have been writing poetry and short stories since I was 8 years old. After I receive my associates  degree in journalism, I am going to continue my schooling and get my bachelors degree in journalism as well.

I am most passionate about writing about other people’s life journeys. I would love to work with the criminally insane. I want to hear their stories from start to finish and share their stories with the world. I am very interested in knowing why people do what they do and how life can shape individuals and the paths that they take.

I graduate this year of 2015 and I am very excited. I have worked hard and it shows. I can’t wait to walk across that UCF stage and receive my degree. This has been an awesome journey and I am looking forward to nothing but success in my future.


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