Ian Finnerty


I’m Ian Finnerty and I was born and raised in Altamonte Springs Florida. This is my second semester at Seminole State College after graduating from Lake Brantley High School. I am a simple man who enjoys simple things, the finer things in life are often not a necessity for me but are quite enjoyable in moderation, as is everything. Journalism is not a passion of mine however the truth seeking aspect is a great quality that one can posses, I hope that taking this course will help me be as unbiased as possible and to poke and prod the truth out of as many people I can.

My whole life I have been told to find what you love to do and find a way to make money at it, with my motorcycle escapades I found that although I have a need for speed but sponsors do not have a need for me, unfortunately for them. I have not been into writing for as long as I have loved both Motorcycle Racing and Wrestling, both of which I don’t have a bright future in however will always be a passion for me, as I hope journalism will become after this semester.


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