Elliot Lee

My name is Elliot and I was born and raised in Altamonte Springs. i graduated from Lake Brantley High School and am currently on my third Semester Seminole State College. Right now i am trying to get my general education A.A., but eventually i would like to move to Colorado and get my Bachelors in Computer Science and Digital Design. My dream is to have a career that i love and to eventually move to France. I never really considered journalism one of my passions, in high school i took four years of Photography. But I’ve always taken a large interest in whats going on in the world, especially the things that our current media doesn’t seem to report on. i absolutely love art, whether its visual art or music. Freedom of expression is very important to me and i enjoy discussing politics with others. Honestly in recent year I’ve noticed that modern media does an extremely poor job reporting the news, which i feel is one the primary reason why i took an interest in journalism, i find my self frequently researching and talking about world events that are either misunderstood or are just unknown to the common public.


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