Alex Sylvia

Hey guys!

My name is Alex and I am a 19 year old journalism major at Seminole State College. I started my college experience with the intention of pursuing a degree in nutrition and dietetics. Upon becoming aware of the rigorous and lengthy course plan, I decided that it wasn’t for me. As passionate as I am about healthy living, the rote memorization required by the many chemistry classes was not quite appealing, as well as the extra years to acquire a Ph.D.

So, from there, I hesitantly changed my major to biotechnology, a complete 180 from nutrition and dietetics. So, why biotechnology? Recently in scientific advances, 3D printing has made staggering headlines. The applications possible for the technology, from artificial organs and limbs, to building tools on the space station from almost any organic material, and even as far as to domestic recycling, were enough to get me interested in the field as biotechnology deals with the manipulation of organic materials and organisms. Again, however, it took me a whole semester to realize that the required schooling was far beyond my interest in the subject. Even more science courses were required for just the AA degree. It’s not that I doubted myself in successfully completing the classes, it’s just that I doubted that I would really even enjoy it after eight or more stressful years preparing for it.

Now, I am in my fourth semester of college, and after this semester, I should be transferring to a larger university. Should be. After many nights of lying in bed thinking of what I’m going to do with my life, unable to sleep and unable to decide on a major, I chose to go with the flow and get into something I’m confident in and familiar with. So I settled on journalism. I was always a very proficient writer, arrogantly (and may I say, successfully) dismissing my instructors who insisted that their writing assignments could NOT be done adequately a day or even a week before the due date. Well, I wouldn’t be taking this journalism course if I hadn’t gotten A’s on all those papers with praising notes of validation accompanying my grade. That all being said, I do not mean to sound cocky, and as I have already documented here, I doubt myself constantly. I know that there are many better and more practiced writers out there. Taking this class is simply just me giving in to my natural tendencies and hoping (probably ignorantly so) that I’m as good as I think I am.

So, that’s me, a healthy living geek who like to write.


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