The Final What I Learned

I am so glad that I took this course with Ms. Sheppard. I have learned many valuable lessons throughout the course. I have struggled with deadlines and learned that to appeal to the reader keep it short and to the point. This, my final lesson, I believe I had to learn the hard way. In everything I do, I have always sought out perfection and sometimes this can be a good quality. In this case, my final story, it was the worst thing I could do to myself. My story idea wasn’t “good enough” the interviews weren’t “good enough” nothing I did was “good enough” so I decided nothing was better than bad quality. I did not turn in a final story and I am angry at myself for letting my obsession get in the way of my writing. For future situations I really need to lower my standards if only to at least get the story done and then just edit to perfection. 🙂

-Tia Gautreaux


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