I already miss The Scribe

This semester has gone by unbelievably fast and it has been an incredible experience. Every issue has pushed us and demanded every ounce of us, especially this last issue, which had to be done in such a short period of time. I learned more and more about writing and designing with every issue that passed. I saw Ms. Sheppard’s red ink continuously diminish with every issue that passed, so much so that this last issue was almost perfect for me because I only had to fix no more than four things as opposed to the whole story, which was the case when I started out. Designing also became easier and a lot more fun with practice.

Above all the technical things that I learned in class, I think what I will take away most from this experience are the great group of friends/colleagues that I’ve made over the past semester and the brilliant teacher we had in Ms. Sheppard, who pushed all of us every day and got us out of our comfort zones to discover new things about ourselves.

I wish I could take this class every semester until the day I graduate. I wish Ms. Sheppard the best with her new staff next semester and I wish my fellow classmates the best of luck in the future with whatever they choose to pursue. Hope we all stay in touch.

-Jorge Minotta


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