Mudslinging Debate @ Seminole State!

“Mudslinging” is a term the majority of us probably have not heard of before. I know when I first heard the term I was a little confused myself. But when I heard it was a slang term for “political lashing out” I knew exactly why they referred to it as such. It basically means “throwing mud” on your political opponent during election time. Lets be honest, right now I bet we have all had it with the goofy slap ads from Charlie Crist and Rick Scott.

During the discussion, a matter was brought up that sparked my interest: As a matter of fact, the candidate themselves do not have any part in the ads that are shown, but their supporters and campaigners (the ones who bring in all of the funds) do. The candidates want a “clean hands”.

The head of the League of Women Voters was into the discussion the most in my opinion. It was interesting hearing views from someone from a different country (UK). “Mudslinging was done first by our founding fathers”, she said. The very first attack ad was actually done by Lyndon Johnson during the atomic age, depicting a child pulling off the leaves of a daisy with an atomic cloud behind her.

So far, a whopping $82 million has been spent on Crist and Scott ads this season. Wow.

The best source of finding out the truth behind your “favorite” mudslinging ad is to simply check PolitiFact, a nonprofit organization aimed at searching for the truth. Usually, those who work for PolitiFact are non-partisan and have nothing to gain nor loose.

Overall, it was a very informative session which I am glad we attended. Though I have already voted, this event will definitely come into mind when I see future ads and hit the polls next yea

#GOVOTE2014- Alex.


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