Mudslinging Event

The Civil Dialogue event on mudslinging at Seminole State was very interesting and mainly reinforced some of the ideas and believes that I had towards mudslinging. Thanks to a panel of experts ranging from communications professors to journalists and elections supervisors, we all got to see different opinions and beliefs about mudslinging and the effects it has on the voter population.

Most of the experts and the audience agreed with the belief that politicians do have an ethical obligation to have truth in advertising and that in a “perfect world,” as professor Sheppard put it, we would not have to worry about mudslinging and politicians not telling the truth. But since we do not live in a perfect world then all we can do to make the best decisions is to better inform ourselves by fact-checking what political ads say using trustworthy sources and doing our own research rather than letting the politicians or “those who fund the politicians” as Seminole County Supervisor of Elections, Michael Ertel said, influence us by using these type of ads that run in their favor to discredit or damage the reputation of the opposition.

I believe we should all educate ourselves and research all the political topics and ads from trustworthy sources to make the best decision possible and to avoid being swayed by false information and in that way hold politicians accountable for misinforming and misdirecting the people.

-Jorge Minotta


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