What I’ve Learned From The Second Issue

For the second issue I chose to write about the UCF football program and their defense of their title without quarterback Blake Bortles because the 20014/15 college football season has just gotten underway within the past two months and college football is an immensely popular sport in the U.S. especially amongst college students.

From writing that story I have learned that it takes a lot of work and perseverance to get interviews with experts in this field of sports because they are constantly in the spotlight and under criticism, so they are not always willing to communicate with you and it is hard to get information out of them. But I learned that you have to be persistent almost to the point where you become annoying and they have no choice but to agree to meet with you and get you off their back.

Also, like last time, InDesign is still a pain to work with. It still seems like more of a challenge to design how your story will look than to actually write your story. But slowly but surely I’m getting used to it and hopefully I’ll achieve Jedi Master status on it in the near future.

-Jorge Minotta


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