Civic Dialogue: Debate on medical marijuana amendment

I thoroughly enjoyed the civic dialogue today, the debate portion was very entertaining. I loved John Morgan’s points he made as well as the humor he added to the debate. John Morgan stayed on topic of the debate, by making sure Sheriff Grady Judd knew where his focus was “my fight is for medical marijuana” Morgan said. Sheriff Judd refers to the amendment as a “wolf in sheep clothing,” he spoke of “loop holes” that people will use in the amendment. There were valid points given on both sides and I thought both Morgan and Sheriff Judd did a good job explaining their views. My favorite part of the debate was when Morgan spoke about veterans suffering from PTSD and mentions the anxiety “it’s real to them” Morgan said. His intent was to explain while other people may not think anxiety is debilitating, it is very real to the person suffering. I found the information given after the debate helpful. I learned a few things about the amendment I did not previously know. Even after hearing new information pro-amendment and against, my view and vote have not changed.

Tia Gautreaux


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