FL Amendment 2: Medical Marijuana

I went into the room thinking that I already knew about amendment two and how I was going to vote on it but after I watched the debate and listened to what some of the people had to say, it definitely put doubts in my mind and made me realize that this is an important issue that I should look more into in order to make the best decision possible.

I am really glad we ended up going as a class because it turned out to be such an interesting discussion with a lot of different perspectives and testimonies. Walking in, I was sure I was going to vote yes but then the arguments of “How will it affect businesses and public establishments?”, “The effects of smoking marijuana rather than ingesting it” and “The consequences it will have on jobs and the economy” got me rethinking my position on this amendment.

One of the arguments that made the biggest impact on me was the one that professor Walsh made about her son having to go to detox and losing his motivation and memory due to the effects of smoking marijuana. And she followed that up by talking about her sister who takes marijuana in a safer pill form without the dangerous affects of the drug, which professor Walsh supports as do I.

There were other things that concerned me, such as the wording of the amendment, which leaves wiggle room for the expansion and abuse of amendment two. So if I had to vote on it right now I would vote yes because it does help a lot of people who are in need of it and want a safer alternative to highly addictive and deadly narcotics and I feel that most things would not change for example high school kids obtaining it because frankly they already can and do obtain it illegally, but if I did not have to take a stand now, then I would say that I need to research the issue more and make up my mind better while at the same time leaning to some type of medical marijuana legalization.


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