What I’ve learned so far…

I have learned that I am decent at writing essays and papers for school but journalistic style writing is completely different from that and I have a lot to learn and many habits to break. I have also learned that writing a story is not as easy as it may seem but working with InDesign and designing a story to attract the reader’s attention is way more complicated. There are so many things one can do with InDesign that it is overwhelming and almost impossible to understand, it is way too complicated.

However, what I have enjoyed and learned most from this first issue of the semester, is what I have learned about myself and what I can do. I had never pictured myself working so diligently to set up meetings to interview people and writing a story in such a short period of time. I have really enjoyed discovering this new side of me that has to interact with so many people and at many times get out of my comfort zone.

Jorge Minotta


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