The Pains of Learning

By: Jordan Donohue

Journalism is hard. No, seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever been so challenged in writing something before. I’m used to writing academically and creatively, and I enjoyed writing my article. It was a bit frustrating like learning how to write in a foreign language. I found myself putting commas where they shouldn’t be according to AP style, and using pronouns instead of repeating the subject of a sentence. My first draft was so littered with red ink that you would have thought it was brutally murdered at the hands of a sadistic grammar cop.

Don’t even get me started on Adobe InDesign, or, as I’m going to start calling it, the black arrow program. It is ridiculously difficult to learn how to use, and it seemed no matter what issues I was having the infamous black arrow button would solve it. I have never wanted to reach through a computer and strangle a program so badly before. I’m pretty sure the computer picked up on my negative vibes because my issues with the program seemed to multiply as I got more annoyed with it.

Despite the frustrating trials, I couldn’t be more proud of the finished product. Sure, it may not be the most beautiful article in the word, and it’s probably not the most fascinating either. But, it’s my article, and I know that all of my tears and internal raging were worth it.


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