Spring 2014, Issue 3, The Seminole Scribe

Click this link to read issue 3—->Spring 2014, Issue 3, The Seminole Scribe

There’s something for every type of reader in this issue!

Did you hear about the guy who helped rescue the children from the sinking minivan in Daytona Beach? Well, we got his incredible life-saving story.

Have you ever heard of Dr. Bernice King? If not, she is the daughter of the famous Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. And Seminole State College of Florida had the honor of hosting her talk to the campus community.

Maybe you like to read about local music and events. There are plenty of stories in this issue to keep you busy reading until your eyes bleed.

Are you a runner, cyclist or yoga lover? Check out page 14 for some info. on the subject of fitness.

Is baseball your sport? If so, then you are going to love the story about two aspiring Seminole State students about to possibly hit the big leagues.

As always, The Scribe staff looks forward to reader feedback. Please email us your comments or story ideas at thescribe@seminolestate.edu.

Until next time,

Melissa B. Merkler- EIC






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